2013-2023 we have made a global TV Network for our partners, our members, our clients, our people, for everything we believe in.

Janetschek & Partners empower professional media channels for global entrepreneurs, for safety and national security, and female founders


Janetschek & Partners advocates the international entrepreneurial movement for designing and supporting new models for city development, for digital transformation, media communications in smartcities. Over 14 countries, thousands of members.


For our smart female founders and enthusiast women entrepreneurs Janetschek & Partners runs a media format in English with Swedish and Austrian roots. It works also in Corona times. More than 1200 female members plus global investors. Born in startups-hub DBS Sweden


Janetschek & Partners has achieved 11 years experience in creating industrial webinars for sales or presentations. Now possible also for big events up to 5000 visitors (online or offline) with TV broadcasting Live and Recorded. 40+ industries involved. With DirectorsTV24


Since 2014 the known “THE NORDIC BALTIC CHANNEL B2BALTIC” for business startups, international trade and video hub with TV cloud. Power of a streaming of 24h/24 for smart contents. May reach up 4M people with focused target. Since 2022 acquired by White Cross TV.

POLICE Television

Janetschek & Partners have been chosen from citizens for supporting European police, new challenge in EU. Best discussion-model is the Austrian Citizen Initiative Pro Security & Police in Vienna, Berlin, Magdeburg, Frankfurt. 1.000.000 watchers and over 4000 registrations


Janetschek & Partners are supporters and volunteers of association for rescue, disaster relief and children´s rights. We want to get closer to people in need focusing in children´s protection and families. Now we are focusing in the Baltic north-east area.

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