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© White Cross International. Croce Bianca Internazionale. Donna Daryna from Ukraine presents the collection together with Donna Carla. Daryna wears a metal armor in the Ukrainian colors to represent the situation of the Ukrainian civil women hit by the war since 2022

"Donna Other Times" is a beautiful worldwide unique artworks based on NFT "neverending" technology copyrighted by White Cross Global for Women's Rights, also sponsored by Female Founders TV, the known global channel for women in entrepreneurship. NFT is the new global trend of the economy. Great when it might be socially useful! This extraordinary collection represents characters of the earth´s females. It´s universal on blockchain Ethereum, protected, perpetual, minted into NFT cryptoasset, like they were coins. You can invest on these assets like you´d do with cryptocurrencies or gold, thanks of the capability of the modern blockchains. By investing you will support White Cross International smart projects, social causes and volunteering. Each paint has a high resolution of 2048x2560 pixel or higher. The originals are exclusively on opensea.io Here below you can watch them in low resolution for fast loading.

Donna, female, the timeless secret entity of the universe, here from each corner of the planet, with your own character, dreams, dignity, projected in a surreal perpetual art-nouveau dimension. We count and invest on you in life as well as in the blockchain. The unique characters, presented by Donna Carla, Daria and Daryna: photography and digital painting

NEW: by investing on any of these special NFTs through your cryptocurrencies, your membership fee 2023 in the international rescue association will be covered and you acquire vote-right. You can help develop the world.

Daryna from Ukraine presents the collection "DONNA OTHER TIMES" for Women's Rights in White Cross International, together with Donna Carla and Daria from Iran. Daryna wears a metal armor in the Ukrainian colors to represent the situation of the Ukrainian civil women hit by the war
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