Accessories for your self-television studio


Accessories for your Self-Television Studio

Green screen for recording and conferences

If you produce videos and you want special effects, or if you conference with others via Skype or Webinars amd you want to cover your background projecting whatever you want. Chroma keying gives you the visual power to embed yourself in any content you choose. The creative freedom to personalize your stream in any way imaginable. The mountable Chroma Key Panel for green chroma is your solution. The material is quite resistent and washable. Also movie makers use the same technology.

from 150,00 €

Smart lights for eyes live TV or interviews

We provide smart light-mounts for your video recording, live, conference, skype and interviews. For home and office. Our best solution care about your eyes: unlike conventional studio lighting, these type of lights do not  only make you look professional. Edge-lit LED architecture coupled with multi-layer diffusion technology provides indirect, ultra-soft illumination. So it’s also gentle on your retina. The “air” version is controllable by smartphone.

from 150,00 €

Flexible mounts for all types of use

Lights, cameras, phones and more – employ Multi Mount to prop and lock your gear exactly where needed. In any position at any angle, within arm’s reach or way beyond the usual. All while keeping your workspace slick and your workflow optimal. For podcasting, coworking, youtubing, presenting, interviewing and conferencing.

from 90,00 €