All media software & cloud for your Self-TV


All media software & cloud for your Self-TV (for computer)

Live streaming with Web-Player Cloud

Live Streaming Cloud Application Smartdy

This Smartdy cloud solution is the easy way to self-television with Webcasting. All your movies, presentations, talks, corporate videos are broadcasted 24/24 7/7 to all your webpages via a smart web-TV player compatible with all browsers, desktop and smartphones. Easy to manage via platform: real live or simulated live programming your smart video playlist. It manages the off-air. It can be connected to any another streaming platform via RTMP url. it is scalable, you will pay less if you have no many viewers yet. It reach and retain your audience, employees, suppliers and clients. Get access to multiple CDNs (content delivery networks) for improved global reach and scalability. Integrated QoS features automatically switch between bitrates and CDNs for improved viewer experience. It is White-Brand: you customize your page to align with your brand, as you like. All your videos are automatic candidate to Directors TV 24 and the global network of Smart&Digitalcities: several channels such us Retail, RealEstate, Tech, Medical, Media, Smartcities, Trade. The opportunity for making TV and networking professionally on regional or global scale.

from 199,00 € /month

Live Streaming Pro. Skype proof

Live Streaming for self-tv interviews

Creating your own live TV streaming-show is easy with Smartdy! It helps you create your own brand. Just connect your webcam, prepare your videos, or share your desktop, and then you’re able to stream yourself to your world. You can record yourself during the live, then broadcasting your presentation again and again, manually or using a basic playlist. You’re able to add all the necessary elements to ensure that your production quality matches your contents. You can stream even parallel at the same time 3 locations such us Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Twitter and many others, so you can reach all your people. This software will be installed on your best computer graphic and allows you to create and save your unique productions and workflows, your template. You’ll be able to use even every day. It provides you also with Virtual TV Studio Set and many other tools. Compatible with Greenscreen walls and with Skype.

from 790,00 €

Webinars Live Platform Cloud

Webinars Platform Smartdy

Smartdy want to simplify your professional live and make you communicative as much as you need. Webinars are your next marketing weapon of the corona times, to make people gathering efficiently online. Just choose an event date, and our webinars solution will walk you through the rest. The platform candidate automatic your best webinars to Webinars TV  broadcasting, the first in Europe for Webinars Live 24h: several channels available such us Retail, Tech, Realestate, Medical, Media, Smartcities, Trade. We integrate in the platform: Analytics, Polls, Handouts, Q&A, full automated registration and mailing of your participants, accept payments, custom branding. Integrations with 
VOIP, Phone and recording. Custom URL and archive private/public of past webinars/events. Moreover, source tracking, video sharing and video embedding for your webpages.

from 2500,00 € /year

Video scheduling player, App.

The smart compact Smartdy solution for production process automation your self-television. You are your own TV and stream your best videos, advertising, commercials, presenattions, webinars, according to your time-lined plan. You can change the plan anytime, full automated. It supports all the stages of operation. From the content ingest, description and preparation, creation of preliminary line-ups and daily broadcasting schedules, registration of commercials and arrangement of commercial blocks, broadcast preparation and automation. Automatic clip conversion, video trimming, sounds processing, playlist, copying, moving, insert of graphic elements anytime. Your media weapon for professional broadcasting for self-tv- maker, small television companies, media producers and corporations of any kind of industry willing to show media contents inside their own corporate TV.

from 4000,00 €

Multi-Screen App.

Smartdy solution is intended for simultaneous visual and instrumental monitoring for unlimited number of channels in real-time. Having been based on successful combination of versatile features including multi-channel (unlimited number of sources) and multi-format (HD/SD-SDI, IP, DVB-ASI, Composite combined in a single server) abilities with high-level reliability Stream MultiScreen system has been implemented in the projects of the largest Headend operators, Satellite and Cable operators, TV Channels and OTT operators. DVB / DTH / OTT / Mobile / IP analysing system for unlimited number of TV and Radio channels.

from 2500,00 €

Cloud Monitoring global with recording

The Cloud-based solution of Smartdy with a web interface is intended to provide 24/7 Monitoring, Recording, Playback, Downloading, Analyzing over the distribution of TV and radio channels in the broadcasting networks. System is intended for Broadcasters, Satellite and OTT operators, TV and Radio Stations, Media Authorities, Media Monitoring Companies,  Press Agencies,
Advertising Agencies,
Content Providers and CDNs. There is a possibility to control the broadcasting networks, as well as automation of processes related to the controlling and supervision activities of Organization and monitoring of Information Technology and Mass Media in terms of compliance of government legislation in the field of communication. 

from 8000,00 €